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Investment Advantages


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Immigration to Mauritius

Imperial Gardens

Mauritius is the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, known as the African economic lion

Imperial Gardens is the first RES project developed in the heart of paradise island of Mauritius which is open to foreigners.
Remaining close to the sea and all facilities of commerce, life activities, leisure and entertainments,
it has huge potentiality of appreciation. Once the sales deed and the relevant payments has been signed and paid respectively,
foreign investors can receive residence permit in two months.

Location of Imperial Gardens

Imperial Gardens is located in Phoenix/Vacoas, one of the five Mauritius municipalities. It is an area situated in the most populated center of island of Mauritius.This project has the best location, compared to the other presently selling projects invested by foreigners for residence permit

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Air quality ranked 2nd globally

Walking into zero-polluted Mauritius

Mauritius has nearly no industrial pollution and fewer vehicles. It is covered largely with vegetation and surrounded by coral reefs, with different landscaping. There are several mountain ranges and isolated peaks.


world Ranked


PM2.5 particulates



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